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Custom Software for Private Equity Firms

SPR provides software for private equity firms when custom software is essential to the portfolio company acquired. SPR helps you develop a technology strategy and roadmap around your portfolio company’s custom software assets. We assess custom software and data platforms as part of your pre-acquisition due diligence, provide tech and product strategy post-merger, and specialize in building custom software platforms.

We’ve heard from multiple partners that commercial off the shelf (COTS) software packages aren’t enough to help you differentiate and scale your portfolio company. When that’s the case, we help build out the tech components of your roadmap and execute on the plans. We’ve built and scaled private equity software and platforms that integrate disparate systems and increase business efficiency. We expertly address your niche market needs.

Let's Grow Your Investment

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Partnering for Expansion

Technology is a fundamental, ever-evolving resource that is essential to your expansion strategy. We help PE firms increase the value of investments by adapting and building software for private equity firms that improve experiences and outcomes.

Your Vision

We execute the tech modernization roadmap of companies in your portfolio


Our Insight

Receive future-forward insight and expertise from respected partners


Our Approach

Benefit from a pragmatic approach, right-sized to balance speed and impact


Your Future

We help you position your assets as bigger, leaner organizations to support a future sale

Why Choose SPR for Your PE Firm

SPR supports PE firms’ strategy partners and their investment companies, experienced in providing custom software and/or custom data platforms. Our team works with you through Evaluation, Assessment, related Strategic Planning, and downstream Execution on roadmapped custom software initiatives.

Custom Development for Private Equity: Simplifying Customization

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Custom Development for Private Equity: Simplifying Customization

A private equity firm had acquired GTreasury and its largest competitor and needed to combine software platforms to create a seamless experience. The team was looking for modernization, localization, seamless workflow upgrades, and a foundational design system. The SPR team redefined global navigation and optimized the customer journeys and workflow.

The M&A Lifecycle


We support the pre-merger due diligence in the following areas:

  • Security
    Identity & Access Management, OWASP Top 10 compliance, data storage requirements/compliance, operational security
  • Architecture
    Scalability, reliability/availability, cost analysis, evolvability, monitoring
  • User Experience
    Accessibility, adoptability, usable vs useful
  • Maintainability
    Developer workflow, dependency management, build/deploy processes, test tools and strategy, extensibility
  • Data Governance
    Cataloging, master data management, privacy, lineage, versioning, audit
  • Data Architecture
    Storage formats, performance, inputs and outputs, automation, monitoring


After systems are merged, streamlining and integrating are key. We work in the following areas:

  • Product Strategy
    Agree on the appropriate product that will help achieve your vision based on characteristics like market fit, pricing, competitive landscape, and the desires of users.
  • Technology Strategy
    Determine potential use cases for modernization, integration, optimization, and consolidation of your existing technology and introduce disruptive technology.


We help differentiate and optimize by building platforms that are:

  • Integrated
    Bring all disparate pieces together via APIs, eliminating platform jumping
  • Research and Data Based
    Focus on your users by asking them what they want and what data they need
  • Usable
    Keep your users coming back by giving them enjoyable, intuitive workspaces
  • Secure
    Give users confidence that their information is confidential with solid cloud-based technology and strict governance

Other Ways We Help Businesses

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