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End-to-End Testing on iPhone Passbook App

SPR Consulting Performs End-to-End Test of iPhone Passbook App



A leading mobile marketing firm developed software to create offers and coupons for Apple’s Passbook app on iPhone. In addition to smartphones, the offers can also be sent out to other platforms via emails. The software allows marketers to distribute and manage location-aware mobile coupons and offers which are relevant to a consumer’s proximity to a physical retail store.

The application enables marketers to use multiple mobile channels such as text, mobile web and push notifications in conjunction with the mobile wallet functionality of Passbook. The complexity level of the app was high in that it was integrated with an application manager, geo-location, and email.


To gain familiarity with how the application generates passes for the iPhone Passbook, SPR testers completed exploratory testing. The testing team took a comprehensive approach to addressing the various mobile channels. Testers crafted distinctive passes for the iPhone Passbook to include various colors, images, barcodes, messages, and offers. Testing coverage included overall functionality of the tool on iPhones and PCs including the geo-location-based functionality, timing of uploads to iPhones and PCs, synchronizing with iPhones, deleting passes, creating messages for subscribers, searching for flaws in designing passes, and counting how many passes were downloaded and used.


The company transitioned from developer-centric testing only to QA end-to-end testing, creating an iPhone Passport coupon or offer, downloading the pass to the iPhone Passbook native app, and using the pass. Negative as well as positive tests were created with a mind-set to break the app. These end-to-end tests were documented in a testing repository for regression testing on future releases of the app.