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LaSalle Solutions Lights the Way in IT Asset Management with LAMP 4.0/5.0

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Since the advent of computers, there has been a need for organizations to inventory and track IT assets. Initially, it was done manually or on spreadsheets; but as companies grew, so did the complexity – from desktops and printers, to individual laptops, cellphones, tablets and wearable devices. It took an enterprising IT firm, LaSalle Solutions, to solve the problem and become the premier provider of IT asset lifecycle management tools and services for Fortune 500 companies.

With the help of SPR, LaSalle Solutions developed LAMP 4.0, a streamlined solution to replace the error-prone spreadsheets frequently used. The revolutionary LAMP platform can track tens of thousands of devices across the country and maintain their location and information, all while reducing costs, simplifying operations, and increasing efficiencies and productivity.

Current, Consolidated Asset Information in a Standard-Setting System

With no competitor equivalent, the market-leading LAMP 4.0 streamlines the LaSalle lifecycle management process by handling maintenance contracts and equipment leases anywhere the user is working—delivering dramatic improvements in performance, usability and team agility.

LAMP tracks all relevant information and generates a variety of reports such as asset audits and preconfigured reports including activity detail and asset by contract. Conveniently, it makes all assets, contracts, activity, credits disposition and leasing reports available from one interface, with breakthrough capabilities that enable IT managers to:

  • Manage all assets by searching serial numbers
  • Track and trace equipment
  • Request quotes for new products
  • Set up for disposal
  • Audit their entire database

Adding Mobile to the Mix

When LaSalle was ready to extend their robust asset tracking web application to the mobile phone, SPR helped customize the workflows, giving users access to their existing IT infrastructure along with the ability to add to it. Using the phone’s camera, users can search contracts, work tickets, service agreements, and notes by simply scanning a bar or QR code. SPR also added an inventory feature, along with push notifications to let IT managers know when to schedule service or replace equipment.

Leading the Way with Technology

LAMP 4.0

  • JQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Elastic Search
  • PowerBI

LAMP 5.0

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • GRPC (Google RPC)
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker Containers
  • Azure
    • Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Azure Active Directory with Azure B2B
    • PowerBI

Way Ahead of the Pack

Delivering consolidated information in a single, highly intuitive application has given LaSalle a significant and measurable edge in the marketplace. Since the inception of LAMP, LaSalle has experienced significant revenue growth and received major industry recognition including the 2014 Cisco service partner of the year for the U.S. LAMP 4.0 has positioned LaSalle Solutions as the clear leader in their market and even garnered a 360 Degree Award from Channel Partners Magazine.

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The Globalization of LAMP 5.0

While LAMP 4.0 set the standard in the industry for asset management tracking, LaSalle Solutions sought to bring their award-winning application to the world in LAMP 5.0. The goals of LAMP 5.0 include:

Built for the Cloud

Multiple Live Instances

  • Data Residency Instances
  • White Label Instances

Multilingual and Internationalization Support

  • Multiple Languages
  • International Date and Number Formatting

Integrated BI Dashboards

  • Power BI or Kibana or D3

Auto Scalable Architecture

Working with third-party partners in each country, SPR helped LaSalle internationalize their application. The project shows SPR's ability to take a platform to the cloud and deal with data sovereignty and privacy laws specific to each foreign country.