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Simple Hybrid Integration With BizTalk 2016, Azure Service Bus Queues

With any new development or training, we often find ourselves wanting to try something new and need a simple example to get us going. In this post, I’ll demonstrate BizTalk 2016 using a simple hybrid integration scenario with Azure. This simple hybrid demonstration will use BizTalk to pick up a file, securely send it to

BizTalk 2016 Release: Get an Integration Strategy to Upgrade Now

The BizTalk 2016 release has us pumped! This is the 10th major release from BizTalk, the enterprise-integration server that automates mission critical business processes. BizTalk 2016 bridges the digital transformation needs for on-premises automation while allowing the creation of applications in the cloud. Microsoft shared the integration future and roadmap late last year with detailed directions and key product offerings that

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Why Upgrade to BizTalk 2016?

Businesses in the digital transformation age are growing rapidly thus requiring increased agility and faster delivery. It has become essential to integrate mission critical applications as well as to connect seamlessly to modern SaaS applications. BizTalk 2016 will provide quick value for these integrations.

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9 Fantastic Reasons For Using Azure Logic Apps

Has someone ever asked you a question about what Azure Logic Apps is and what the benefits of it being used in your company are? Maybe they wanted to get an idea from you or possibly invite you to attend a meeting on discussing possible solutions in the Azure cloud space using Logic Apps. Although you

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BizTalk Integration with AS400 Using DB2 Adapter

The BizTalk Host Adapter for DB2 has been designed to access IBM’s DB2 database on a number of platforms including mainframe, AIX, AS/400, and Windows. Here are a few scenarios that I have come across working with the DB2 adapter and BizTalk orchestrations.

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Future Integration – Following The Microsoft BizTalk Integration Roadmap

Microsoft has released its BizTalk Integration roadmap with detailed directions and key product offerings that address many areas like cloud, on-premises, B2B, connectors, and social network space. With the challenge of the cloud dramatically growing there is a need to define the direction of future integration. Businesses are running all kinds of applications in cloud (ex:


BizTalk Server and EDI

In the modern B2B world, companies are looking to automate business processes and simplify integration in order to communicate with partners, vendors and customers. By automating business processes companies can achieve faster turnaround on critical transactions and gain efficiency as well as get visibility into all stages of transaction fullfilment. To be able to offer

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Logic Apps

Logic Apps can integrate your cloud system, enterprise system, and in house or legacy system. The process of integrating systems is made much simpler with the Logic Apps. To make Logic Apps more powerful, Microsoft included powerful capabilities in BizTalk Server. BizTalk is Microsoft’s leading platform for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Business Process Managements (BPM). In Logic Apps, Azure’s hybrid connectivity options can bridge cloud and on premises systems, so having this capability, you can solve any application problem from simple to complex.

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3 Reasons to Upgrade BizTalk Server Now

In the modern integration world, many companies use Microsoft BizTalk to connect business applications, which allows them to communicate with partners, vendors and customers. Microsoft BizTalk Server is a proven integration server, but it is critical to make sure the version you are running is not out of date.

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3 Reasons to Upgrade BizTalk Server

Customers trust Microsoft BizTalk to integrate disparate applications and heterogeneous data. Compliance and support are important issues that need to be considered. In this video Ashish discusses three reasons to upgrade BizTalk Server.