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5 Tips to Improve UI/UX and Adoption

So you have a corporate intranet that’s supposed to be unifying your workforce and helping them collaborate, but there’s one problem, nobody is using it! It’s no longer a secret – If you’re not giving your employees an engaging and modern user experience, your portal is as good as your old Walkman. Using these 5

PowerApps and Flow: Create an App, No Coding Skills Required

No coding skills? No problem! Microsoft’s recently released PowerApps and Flow are powerful tools that give non-developers a no-code solution for building your own applications. To get you started, we’ll create a simple PowerApp as an example of how easy the process is. Follow along and by the end of the blog, you will have a freshly developed sales administration app.

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Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016? – Modern User Experience

SharePoint 2016 has been redesigned to focus on providing a modern user experience. If you have been using Office 365, you will notice that SP 2016 looks a lot like Office 365. SharePoint 2016 provides users easy and simplified access to people, applications, and content so users can be more productive. At the same time,


SharePoint 2016: New Compliance and Security Features

While SharePoint 2016 is an evolutionary update from SharePoint 2013, it does introduce some real power that differentiates it from its predecessor. Many of these features are within the infrastructure areas that are preparing SharePoint on-premises installations to be “hybrid first” deployments, but that same Cloud integration brings some of the features into parity with Office 365. We explore the areas of Compliance and Security which really benefit from these capabilities.


Paged Kendo Grid from SharePoint Search REST API Data

I have prepared a short demonstration to illustrate the SharePoint 2013 Search REST API: I will retrieve SharePoint list data across multiple lists, present it in a pageable grid, and do it in under 100 lines of well-formatted script and markup.

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Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016? – Hybrid Features

In my introductory blog post to SharePoint 2016 here, I mentioned there are three core pillars of SharePoint 2016 namely cloud inspired infrastructure, modern user experience, and compliance.  I further discussed what it means to have a cloud inspired infrastructure.   In this blog we will continue the discussion on the first pillar with the primary

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Why Upgrade to SharePoint 2016?

Microsoft announced general availability of SharePoint 2016 back in May 2016.  Since then a number of our customers have inquired on why they should upgrade to 2016.  In this multi-part blog series, I’ll try to cover all the new features of SharePoint 2016 and present a case for why you would want to invest in


Synchronize Your On-Premises Identity with SharePoint Online & Office 365

In this video blog post, learn about the different identity models, the challenges customers face and solutions for overcoming those problems.

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Documents and Records Management in SharePoint Online / Office 365

Microsoft takes security and compliance very seriously for its Office 365 software and services. Microsoft has introduced numerous features in Office 365 to help meet organizations’ content security and data compliance needs so they can meet legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements. In this blog, I’ll focus on Documents Management and Records Management features of Office 365.


Overcoming Office 365/SharePoint Online Development Challenges – Part 3 – Exporting People Search Results to Excel

Extracting People Search results to Excel seems straightforward initially but does require quite a bit of work to function correctly. Read how I used JavaScript to make this work.