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Introduction to Data Science: Math + Tech = Business Smarts

Industries today are combining technology and advanced analytics to help make increasingly intelligent decisions. This is known as data science.

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Why Upgrade to BizTalk 2016?

Businesses in the digital transformation age are growing rapidly thus requiring increased agility and faster delivery. It has become essential to integrate mission critical applications as well as to connect seamlessly to modern SaaS applications. BizTalk 2016 will provide quick value for these integrations.

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BizTalk Integration with AS400 Using DB2 Adapter

The BizTalk Host Adapter for DB2 has been designed to access IBM’s DB2 database on a number of platforms including mainframe, AIX, AS/400, and Windows. Here are a few scenarios that I have come across working with the DB2 adapter and BizTalk orchestrations.

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Overcoming Office 365/SharePoint Online Development Challenges – Part 1

If you have been involved in implementing solutions using SharePoint Online on Office 365, you have probably discovered that there are a number of areas where things don’t work quite as how you would except them to work or at-least what you were used to in an On-Premises SharePoint environment. This blog is an attempt to document some of


Leveraging Visual Studio 2013 SQL Server Database Projects

One of the challenges I face when overseeing a project is keeping the database changes in sync across the solution and the multiple server environments throughout an application’s lifecycle. From small projects where developers have their own copy of a database to multiple server environments, tracking changes via scripts and keeping those scripts changes in

SSRS Parameterized Query Slow

We had a situation at a client where a few SSRS reports running through SharePoint were painfully slow. These reports both had SSRS Parameters in the “WHERE” clause.


Using Multiple Exchange Rates in SSAS

By changing the exchange rate table in the DW and the currency conversion MDX generated by the BI wizard, I was able to use a different exchange rate.


Microsoft and Oracle Partner on Windows Azure

Microsoft and Oracle have partnered! I have been working in the database space for many years. Microsoft and Oracle have traditionally been at each other like the University of Michigan and Ohio State or the Yankees and the Red Sox. That’s why I was very intrigued recently when the two quietly announced a cloud partnership

One At A Time SQL Agent Job

I was on a project where I had an SSIS package that was doing a fair amount of ETL work. Based on the projected data load it was expected to take 10-15 min for an average load.


What the heck is Hekaton and why is it important?

Much of the energy around in-memory data management systems including Microsoft’s existing in-memory offerings targeted analytical workloads and columnar storage. But, what about OLTP?