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How to Automate Azure Resource Groups Deployment

This blog shows you how to automate the creation and removal of Azure Resource Groups based on Azure AD Group membership in a Demo Azure subscription. To help you, I developed the following PowerShell script, which is deployed as a Runbook in an Azure Automation account and scheduled to run once a day. As new users

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Azure – Move Your Resources and Save Cash

We have an easy way for you to move storage type and Azure VM location. Use this PowerShell code to clone a VM, saving you money.

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How to set PublicIPAllocation via PowerShell

Also, How to remove a public IP address object via Azure PowerShell I was recently tasked with changing a series of AzureRM Public IP address allocation methods from dynamic to static and others from Static IP addresses to dynamic. To set a NIC to static is very straight forward. You change the value to static