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How POM-based Architecture Boosts your Automated Testing

Recognizing the enormous effort for performing manual UI testing, organizations have opted to automate their UI test activity to speed up the development pipeline. To make automation payoff, one must approach it with the same mindset that we approach the development of our production code.


Part 3 – The Solution: SharePoint 2013 Deploying Custom List Schemas: Calendars, Announcements, Tasks, and Picture libraries.

Customizing SharePoint Calendar lists, Announcements lists, Picture libraries, and Task Lists in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013


Part 2 – The Solution: SharePoint 2013 Deploying List Schemas

​Deploying fields, content types, and lists in SharePoint 2010/13 that allows ease of modification in future deployments using PowerShell & Visual Studio 2012.


Part 1 – The Problem: Deploying and Re-Deploying Content Types and Lists

Changing the way that content types are deployed and re-deployed to ensure that changes are published throughout a SharePoint Farm using the Content Type Hub.