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Business Transformation

Business Transformation – “Out of Pocket”

Mobile accessibility has transformed business. Not only has the expectations changed for response time and availability after hours, these changes are impacting business models as well. We expect to be able to not just check-in, but to be able to conduct business without a desk. The question has now changed to – what can’t you do when you’re “Out of Pocket”?


Designing for New & Maturing Tech – 2016 Edition

Mobile, web, and interactive design has matured a lot since last year. This is driven by tech that has become open to developers. Voice, Wearables, IoT, Auto, and TV have become the focus of most major technology companies in 2016.  This has sparked a fury of new ideas around the future of apps and how they fit into our daily lives. With these technologies, the design standards have also become refined and standardized. Users have come to expect a premier experience on whatever platform they are using. In this post we will highlight a few of the new and exciting trends and how design is leading the charge.

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What’s New from Google I/O 2016

What’s new in Android and Google Development Mobile Architect Josh Lamkin summarizes the best new features revealed in Google’s annual developer conference. At their annual developer conference this year, Google announced some nice new features that streamline more intelligent functionality of native apps. Some are brand new, and some represent added sophistication to features announced

Mobile Asset Management and Automation

How to Manage and Automate Your Mobile Image Assets

The goal of this workflow is to make it as easy to generate one hundred scaled and routed assets as it was to generate one. The initial generation and future revisions of the assets are now automated. The basis for this workflow is consolidating all of the assets into a single file. This allows the software to do the heavy lifting of sizing, naming, and routing the new files. Designers now also have an overview of all of the visual assets, allowing them to globally control colors, padding, and aesthetics.

Android Security

Data File Security on the Android Platform

Companies want to provide their employees with mobile apps to enhance their productivity while on-the-go. Those mobile apps usually provide the employee with corporate data that may be confidential or proprietary, so the data must be secured according to your company’s information security policies. Securing data on Android devices has long been a challenge but

Native Design

Designing Native Applications for iOS & Android

In this video blog post learn how to approach design for iOS & Android, utilize native conventions, and achieve visual harmony across platforms.

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Minimum Viable Design (MVD) – Mobile App Edition

Minimum viable design is just as it sounds, the least amount of visual and architectural design to create a polished app that functions well. Here are a few easy ways to achieve an app with a distinct look without the full UI effort.

Vlog Testing

Web & Mobile Accessibility Testing

In this video blog post, Ray Campbell, SPR Consulting Senior Accessibility Analyst, explains why websites, web-apps and mobile applications need to be accessible to all users.

Vlog SP Mobile

Building a Mobile App for SharePoint

Kevin discusses the issues for developing a SharePoint app for Mobile users. Get some insight on what problems you may incur and the solutions to help make your Mobile app more efficient for your offsite team members.


Mobile First – Cloud First Simplified (3 of 3)

Previous post for this series. The conversation about business outreach (service first) and infrastructure elasticity (cloud) does not feel complete without including: Big Data Every generation of technology upgrade has created a need for the next upgrade in some ways. User created content and social media initially drove the need for big data techniques. However,