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Using Akka and Scala for CQRS and Event Sourcing

In the past, we covered using Lagom to implement Java microservices using the event sourcing and CQRS patterns that framework relies on. Today, we’ll be revisiting our blog microservice example using the Scala programming language and Akka, one of the main components underlying Lagom. Event Sourcing First, let’s take a quick review of what event

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Building a Simple REST API with Scala & Play! (Part 3)

We finished part 1 & part 2, which started with a description of the tools we’ll be using, and concluded with a fully functioning REST API built in Play! on top of a Reactive Mongo back-end. In part 3, we’ll cover the use of Spec2 and Mockito to write automated unit and integration tests for our application.

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Building a Simple REST API with Scala & Play! (Part 2)

If you’re coming in fresh, and need some instructions on getting the appropriate tools installed and creating a shell of an environment, please refer to part 1.  In part 2, we’ll cover adding our first API functions as asynchronous actions in a Play! controller, as well as define our first data access functions.


Building a Simple REST API with Scala & Play! (Part 1)

In this 3 part series, we’ll cover creating a basic Play! REST API on top of Reactive Mongo. There has been a lot of buzz recently in the industry and at our some of our clients around Reactive Programming and related frameworks. Reactive Programming is a movement based around building applications that can meet the diverse demands of modern environments.