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AI Services

The business applications of artificial intelligence are ever expanding to enhance productivity, efficiency, and user experiences of your products. As the technology continues to evolve, organizations rapidly explore how to incorporate AI into their business, everything from completing work tasks and generating code or content, to automating engineering or data processes and creating more accurate language translations, to name a few.

Why Choose SPR

SPR creates AI solutions that capture the value of the latest technologies with enterprise-grade productionization. We put scalable, enterprise-ready systems in production so your AI solution is ready to launch. Whether you are just starting out with AI or you have deep AI capabilities in place, we can help.

Prompt Engineering Optimization

Write prompts to large language models in a way to increase accuracy of the output


Generative AI Model Development

When an off-the-shelf model doesn't fit your needs, develop a LLM from a blank slate

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Chatbot Development

Use your own proprietary data to create a human-like interaction with a LLM


Document Preparation and Extraction

Organize proprietary information for training, fine-tuning, or usability within a LLM

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Fine Tuning

Customize off-the-shelf LLMs to increase the accuracy and relevancy of the response

Let's Talk about AI

Artificial Intelligence Services and Offerings

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Optimizing Benefits with GenAI

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Optimizing Benefits with GenAI

A veterans organization helps the disabled population receive maximum disability benefits from both government and private entities. Those benefits are defined by federal regulations and are contained in a 1,000+ page document. The organization uses generative AI to scan the regulations for benefits that relate to a specific veteran, then generates a document summarizing the veteran’s circumstances while maximizing the benefit that is ultimately approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. SPR helped the organization optimize the outputs by building cost-effective AI models that would produce better quality results, allowing the organization to scale their throughput to a production workload.

SPR's Generative AI Offerings

Get results with SPR’s generative AI experts. Using a blended team approach, we’ll work with your business and will meet you where you are on the adoption and implementation of this technology. Explore the offerings:


Brainstorm what the right AI project is for your business. Our team facilitates a workshop where you:

  • Ideate on your top organizational challenges, then explore and prioritize AI solutions for those challenges
  • Develop 3-5 specific AI projects of high value you can take for action

Duration: 2-4 hours
Investment: Free

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Turn your AI use case into an actionable project plan. Our team will help dissect your use case and consider all steps necessary to from idea to end goal. Participate in exercises that will produce:

  • Data inventory
  • Use case feasibility
  • Technical approach
  • Requirements refinement
  • Project plan tailored to your use case

Duration: 1-2 weeks
Investment: ~$10k



Rapidly build out a prototype of your well-defined AI use case to ensure you will achieve results needed. SPR provides 1-2 experts to work with you to bring your project to minimum functionality with your relevant data. You will receive:

  • Basic UI (for chatbots)
  • Generative AI backend + your data
  • Basic generative AI POC
  • Possibility of an MVP (a natural extension)

Duration: 4 weeks
Investment: ~$40k-$60k

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SPR provides expert guidance, leading you from initial curiosity to rapid prototyping and decisive action. Maximize the transformative capabilities of AI with project implementation tailored to you. We help you implement your custom AI model, ensuring it is:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Fiscally Responsible

Duration: Bespoke
Investment: Bespoke