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BizTalk 2016 Release: Get an Integration Strategy to Upgrade Now

The BizTalk 2016 release has us pumped! This is the 10th major release from BizTalk, the enterprise-integration server that automates mission critical business processes. BizTalk 2016 bridges the digital transformation needs for on-premises automation while allowing the creation of applications in the cloud.

Microsoft shared the integration future and roadmap late last year with detailed directions and key product offerings that address areas such as cloud, on-premises, B2B, connectors, and social network space.

Businesses in the digital transformation age are growing rapidly and require increased agility and faster delivery. It has become essential to integrate mission critical applications as well as to connect seamlessly to modern SaaS applications. BizTalk 2016 will provide quick value for these integrations.

SPR Consulting can help you:

  • Create hybrid integration solutions for your EAI/B2B business scenarios to seamlessly integrate application, data, and processes for your connected enterprise and SaaS systems using Azure Logic apps
  • Upgrade your BizTalk on-premises solutions to BizTalk 2016
  • Prepare for the future and help you migrate from on-premises to a cloud environment
  • Build your integration strategy
  • Build your journey toward digital transformation to connect with your customers, partners, and enterprise systems enabling exceptional speed and agility to streamline your business operational needs.