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BizTalk Advisory and Support

To help combat the complexity of today’s global, 24/7 service-centric marketplace, organizations implement architecture to help them achieve better business agility and greater interoperability. Organizations leverage the power of Microsoft BizTalk® Server as a trusted solution for seeking a new generation of dynamic applications that will provide quicker process change, improved business insight and a competitive advantage.

With the growing use and capabilities of BizTalk Server, it can be challenging to capitalize on the full potential of the product. Enterprises struggle with the increasing cost of building, maintaining and upgrading BizTalk’s integration solutions. They need to address the short-term and long-term value of the platform and have the right IT strategy for their business needs to enable broader cost savings.

To support companies that run any version of BizTalk, SPR Consulting offers ongoing support of the server, providing a strategic and flexible delivery model to address specific needs. As a part of this offering, we:

  • Manage the BizTalk implementation
  • Establish governance
  • Provide ongoing technical support
  • Outline an adoption and deployment strategy
  • Review infrastructure, software configuration, application development or other key architectural elements
  • Mentor internal resources on best practices and technical approaches
  • Build artifacts or enhance existing artifacts
  • Create and maintain and issues and resolution knowledgebase

Customers purchase a block of hours each month to use as they wish for any level of BizTalk planning, development or support. We work closely with organization’s existing internal IT experts to ensure BizTalk server implementations are designed, developed and monitored in the best way possible.