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Integration Vision: What’s Coming with BizTalk 2020

In previous blogs, I have spoken in detail about the BizTalk upgrade process and key items to note when preparing for a version upgrade.

Well, Microsoft is at it again. Recently, the company released its BizTalk 2020 roadmap with clear direction on the upgrade as well as key product offerings that addressed many areas such as cloud connectors (adapters), Office 365, secure messaging (TLS1.2 support), analytics and reporting, and improvements to deployment and administration. Let’s explore the details of the new roadmap.

Platform Support

BizTalk 2020 will include all previously released feature packs and platform support for the newest versions of Windows Server, SQL Server, and Visual Studio; BizTalk Migration Tool will get an upgrade path from previous BizTalk versions (from 2010 / 2013 / 2013 R2 / 2016).

Platform Support

  • Microsoft platforms
    • SQL server 2017/2019
    • Visual studio 2017/2019
    • .Net framework 4.8
    • Window server 2019
    • Azure laaS VMs
  • IBM Platforms
    • IBM z/OS2.3
    • IBM i V7R3
    • IBM MQ9
    • IBM CICS 5.4
    • IBM IMS V15
    • IBM DB2 V12
Product Support

  • Product Packages
    • HIS 2020
      • Session Integrator
      • Transaction Integrator
      • MQ Client
      • DRDA Client
      • Host File Client
      • DRDA Service
    • HIS Client 2020
    • HIS 2020 SDK
    • Enterprise Single Sign-On 2020
  • Release Availability
    • BizTalk Server 2020


Core Product Features and Improvements

Azure Integration

  • Adapter for Logic Apps
    • Connect and integration with Azure Logic Apps
  • Adapter for Service Bus
    • Send and receive messages with Azure Service Bus
  • Event Hubs
    • Send and receive any BizTalk server message with Azure Even hubs
  • Adapter for Blob Storage
    • Read and write files in Azure blob storage
  • API Management
    • Publish orchestration end points using API management
Office 365 Support

  • Adapter for Mail
    • Send and receive messages using Office 365 email
  • Adapter for Schedule
    • Set and update appointments using Office 365 schedules
  • Adapter for Contact
    • Define people and groups using Office 365 contacts




Deployment and Administration

  • Design and deploy with VSTS
    • Application Lifecycle Management to deploy and update BizTalk server instances using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)
  • Backup to Blob Storage
    • Backup BizTalk server database job to Azure blob storage
  • Advanced Scheduling
    • Setup recurrence on BizTalk server and receive location with greater precision using time zones, months, weeks, and days
Secure Messaging

  • Transport Layer Security 1.2
    • Securely deploy BizTalk server using TLS 1.2 authentication and encryption
  • SQL Server Encrypted Data
    • Read and write to SQL server always encrypter columns using BizTalk Adapter for SQL server





  • Reset APIs
    • Manage BizTalk server environments using standard restful web services APIs
  • Read Only
    • Restrict unprivileged administrators from viewing existing configuration





Analytics and Reporting

  • Application Insights
    • Send BizTalk server tracking data to Application insights for extensible analytics to understand performance and usage of BizTalk server
  • Event Hubs
    • Send BizTalk server tracking data to Event Hubs
  • Power BI
    • Analyze and report BizTalk server tracking data using Power BI BizTalk operation and data template for use with Power BI visualizations and dashboards





















Logic Apps IBM 3270 Connector

Currently, the Logic Apps connector for IBM 3270 emulation is available for preview. Microsoft Connector for 3270 integrates Azure applications with resources available via TN 3270 Screen Scraping. It therefore allows enterprise developers to build modern applications that automate end user task flows based on legacy IBM mainframe 3270 programs, to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other integration capabilities to transform business.

Here’s a brief overview:

3270 Connector

    • Includes TN3270 client
    • Based on HIS Session integrator
    • Requires Integration Account
    • Enables Actions defined by 3270 Design Tool

3270 Design Tool

    • Capture
      • Records screens or import CICS Basic mapping support files
      • Defined fields (recognition, input output, error)
    • Navigate
      • Creates navigation plan
    • Methods
      • Declares process or methods (with input and output parameters)
      • Stores metadata in Hist integration Designer XML (HIDX) file
      • Uploads HIDX to Integration Account

The BizTalk 2020 release announcement is exciting news for all existing BizTalk customers and users. It indicates Microsoft’s priority to make BizTalk an integration tool. Similarly, this new release is helpful for customers looking to create integration scenarios with on-premise as well as hybrid integrations.

If your current BizTalk version is nearing the end of support, now is the time to initiate discussions for an upgrade or a migration to Logic Apps for a more modernized solution. SPR can help your business set up a pilot, providing a pathway to migrate from BizTalk and onto the cloud with proper assessment, planning, and implementation. For more details send us a request.