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Cloud Immersion Experience: Learn AI Bootcamp for Emerging AI Developers


Azure Cognitive Services Bootcamp – Building Intelligent Apps and Agents with the Computer Vision API, Custom Vision Service, LUIS, Bing Search, and Azure Search.

SPR is leading the Learn AI Bootcamp for Emerging AI Developers. We will focus on hands-on activities that develop proficiency in Azure Cognitive Services including Computer Vision, Custom Vision, LUIS, and Bing Search. You will also learn to leverage other AI-oriented services such as Azure Search and Azure Bot Services. These labs assume an introductory to intermediate knowledge of these services, and, if this is not the case, then you should spend the time working through the prerequisites.

At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to configure your apps to call Cognitive Services
  • Build an application that calls various Cognitive Services APIs (specifically Computer Vision)
  • Understand how to implement Azure Search features to provide a positive search experience inside applications
  • Configure an Azure Search service to extend your data to enable full-text, language-aware search
  • Build, train, and publish a LUIS model to help your bot communicate effectively
  • Build and publish an intelligent bot using Microsoft Bot Framework that leverages LUIS and Azure Search

As part of the workshop, please plan to bring your laptop/PC with you.


  • Set up assistance (optional)
  • Introduction and Context for the Course
  • Lab 1.1: Simplifying Cognitive Services App Development using Portable Class Libraries
  • Lab 1.5: Developing Intelligent Applications with LUIS
  • Lunch
  • Lab 2.1: Developing Intelligent Applications with Azure Search
  • Lab 2.2: Building Intelligent Bots
  • Q&A and Feedback for Emerging AI Bootcamp

IMPORTANT - Workshop Prerequisites

This workshop is meant for an AI Developer on Azure. Since this is only a short workshop, there are certain things you need before you arrive.

You should have some previous exposure to Visual Studio. We will be using it for everything we are building in the workshop, so you should be familiar with how to use it to create applications.

We assume you have some familiarity with C# (intermediate level – you can learn here and here), but you do not know how to implement solutions with Cognitive Services.

Secondly, you should have some experience developing bots with Microsoft’s Bot Framework. We won’t spend a lot of time discussing how to design them or how dialogs work. If you are not familiar with the Bot Framework, you should complete this tutorial prior to attending the workshop.
Finally, before arriving at the workshop, we expect you to have completed 1_Setup.

Target Audience

Developers, Data Developer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer

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NOTICE TO ALL PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES - Federal [including Military], State, Local and Public Education

This is a Microsoft event where items of value, which will include food and beverage, may be available at no charge to attendees. In order to comply with all applicable gift and ethics rules, Microsoft will not provide these items to Public Sector/ Government employees without a signed authorization letter from your agency/institution gifting/ethics officer or responsible attorney. Please check with your ethics counsel to verify that you are permitted to participate in this event and receive items that may be offered. Please contact msusevnt@microsoft.com for a copy of the approval letter.