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IoT Camp for Developers – Chicago – January 2018


Does your company have big plans that need an IoT solution? It’s time to discover what’s possible with the Internet of Things. You’ll leave with a solid, end-to-end understanding of a typical IoT solution featuring Intel’s IoT hardware, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Azure IoT suite.

Attend this hands-on lab to:
  • Gain an understanding of IoT basics, including an introduction to Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
  • Get hands-on with exciting scenarios that blend the power of Azure IoT Suite with Intel’s IoT kit and sensors to build an end to end solution
  • Connect devices to IoT Suite and visualize with Power BI
Who should attend this session?
  • Developers working on IoT solutions
  • Dev Managers interested in cloud technologies
As part of this workshop, please plan to bring a laptop with you.