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ITKAN Monthly Meeting – May 2016


A Life and Career Before and After a TBI


Tom Turner is a project manager (PM) with over twenty years of experience who rose to senior positions at Astellas and Hospira. In 2013 he sustained a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident, putting his life and career in jeopardy. Despite that, Tom has recovered incredibly well and is working his way back into the work force. He is acting as PM for the application development team from ITKAN that is developing the ChiSafePath app led by Steve Luker.

Join us at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital on May 12th as Tom discusses his life and career, and how he is overcoming adversity and moving forward both personally and professionally. His story, drive and perspective on life, career and mission are engaging and life-affirming.

Tom Turner is an IT Project Manager with 20+ years’ experience. He has worked on application development and support management, business intelligence, and ecommerce projects for notable companies such as Astellas, CDW, and Hospira. Currently he is volunteering as project manager on ITKAN’s ChiSafePath mapping application project and competing in Chicago’s Center for Neighborhood Technology’s (CNT) 5th Annual Urban Sustainability Apps Competition.

The next meeting will be
May 12, 2016, 5-7PM
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
26W171 Roosevelt Road
Wheaton, IL  60187
Building 1, Board Room