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Productivity Lunch and Live Demo – Ditka’s Oakbrook


Productivity Lunch and Live Demo

Why Join Us:
Your customers aren’t the only ones craving state-of-the-art mobile applications. Employees want instant access to information that will make them more productive at their jobs. They want to stay informed and to make decisions with the tap of a finger.

Inspired by our clients, we developed a suite of completely customizable apps that are easy-to-use and compatible with iOS and Android. Learn how an elegantly simple solution can make your employees more productive and efficient. Gather ideas on how to tailor apps like these for your business.

Our Demos:

  • SPR Docs – Improve how you find and view your corporate documents saved in Office 365 by searching, sharing, and favoriting documents
  • SPR Rooms – Need a conference room right now? Check current and future conference room availability, view room amenities, and see if someone is currently occupying a room.
  • SPR People – Put a name to a face and quickly access your colleagues’ contact information by searching by name and job title, viewing employee pictures, and searching by department.
  • SPR Alerts – Tailor corporate communications and organize when and how you receive content by subscribing to content from colleagues or departments, viewing PDFs, videos, and images, and receiving push notifications.
  • SPR Work Orders – Made for any company that needs to stay on top of simple task management. Request and receive help, regardless if that means fixing a machine or submitting an IT ticket.