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Increasing Engagement Across the Globe

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IDEX Corporation is a specialty manufacturer of highly engineered solutions and products. With 65+ businesses and operations across the globe, the company wanted to increase corporate productivity, employee collaboration, and customer engagement.

When IDEX engaged SPR, we learned that the company had used SharePoint for several years and realized there was hidden value in growing the basic publish-and-collaborate functionality of their platform. As a primary objective, the company wanted to encourage collaboration between the engineering and development groups in their different business units.

SPR was specifically asked to upgrade their corporate intranet to Office 365. The upgrade would allow users to work remotely on any device from anywhere in the world. It also would enable the company to transform the focus of their employees from merely sharing documents to collaborating on ideas.

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The Solution

SPR defined the strategy and requirements to transform IDEX’s on-premises SharePoint environment to the cloud and successfully eliminate all legacy infrastructures. SPR implemented the transformation with the following upgrades:

  • Icon of a 3-D cube

    Centralized data, based in the cloud, and requiring zero maintenance

  • Icon of a cloud

    Single global sign-on through the cloud

  • Icon of a circular chart

    Custom charting tools

  • Icon of a file folder with arrows pointing right

    Automation and streamlining of the transfer of all content and metadata from the original SharePoint system

  • Icon of a key in a circle

    Ready access to on-premises custom applications

SPR also leveraged Microsoft SaaS to deliver improved workflow capabilities to several IDEX business units, as well as achieve significant cost-savings.

The Outcome

The platform SPR implemented for IDEX has transformed the company’s businesses. It has significantly improved collaboration within the company, productivity globally, and customer engagement.

We create value when our people collaborate. When our distributed operations can talk to each other, that’s when the interesting things can happen," said IDEX Corporation CIO, Jim MacLennan. “SPR has helped us make our vision come to fruition. This has been a great success. The SharePoint Cloud migration led by SPR experts not only delivered outstanding collaboration capacities; it also saved us money and enabled workflow."