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Azure – Move Your Resources and Save Cash

We have an easy way for you to move storage type and Azure VM location. Use this PowerShell code to clone a VM, saving you money.

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Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite

Learn about IoT and how the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things Suite provides new services that help organizations get value from the device and sensor data they collect every day.


6 R’s of a Cloud Migration

More and more organizations are turning to cloud providers when it comes time to reinvest in aging infrastructure.  When considering a technology workload migration; it is important to remember that there are multiple ways of migrating that workload out of its current environment.  At SPR we use the term “6 Rs” to describe migration options.

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Azure Active Directory

In this video Cloud Evangelist, Chris Hansen, explains what Azure Active Directory is, what it does and introduces a deployment strategy.

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Key Takeaways from SAPPHIRE 2014

It was interesting, and a testament to our thinking and direction, to hear, at SAPPHIRENOW 2014, that SAP’s new mantra is also around simplicity.