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Meet SPR, a Tech Company Committed to Innovation

Author: Kristin Rosa Posted In: Culture

50 Years of SPR: A Preview

Welcome to the story of SPR, a company at the forefront of technology and innovation since 1973. Watch this short 90-second video shown here for some of our highlights and milestones, or you can watch the full video celebrating 50 years of SPR.

From Kitchen Table to Corporate Success

The story of SPR began in a kitchen, where Gene Figliulo, inspired by his challenges as an EDP (electronic data processing) manager, decided to create a company dedicated to providing systems and programming resources. His vision was clear: to help businesses leverage technology effectively, even when the concept of outsourcing IT services was still in its infancy.

SPR's foundation is built on strong family values and an entrepreneurial spirit. Gene's wife, a steadfast partner, supported him unconditionally, managing their household and allowing Gene to focus on building the business. This supportive dynamic was crucial during the early years, especially with eight children to raise. The Figliulo family was deeply involved in the business, with the three oldest brothers playing significant roles in its growth.

Adapting Through the Decades

SPR's evolution spans various technological eras, from mainframes in the 1970s to the rise of personal computers in the 1980s, and the internet boom of the 2000s. SPR has consistently adapted to these changes, developing innovative solutions like Y2K remediation and building complex systems for clients across diverse industries. Their ability to foresee and respond to technological shifts has been a cornerstone of their success.

SPR’s Culture

One of SPR's defining features is its commitment to continuous learning and collaboration. Employees at SPR are encouraged to pursue their interests and expand their skills. This culture of innovation is fostered through internal training programs and a supportive work environment where all ideas are welcomed and valued. Many employees have found SPR to be a place where they can truly grow, both professionally and personally.

SPR's dedication to community engagement and inclusivity is another testament to its enduring legacy. The company has supported historically overlooked populations, including people with disabilities, individuals from under-resourced neighborhoods, and women in technology. This commitment to diversity and inclusion not only enriches the SPR community but also drives its mission to make technology accessible and beneficial for all.

Built to Last

As SPR celebrates over 50 years of excellence, we emphasize the company's resilience and adaptability. The legacy of Gene Figliulo continues to inspire the SPR team, who remain dedicated to delivering beyond the build for their clients. SPR's unique business model, focus on innovation, and unwavering commitment to their core values ensure that the company is poised for continued success.