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SC Media | Three critical steps businesses can take today to defend their networks against IoTroop

Author: Matt Mead Posted In: IoT

Unlike Mirai, the IoTroop bot exploits nine core vulnerabilities as it spreads, and already, experts say those responsible for the bot – who remain unknown – have added more than 100 features to it.

Just a year after the Mirai botnet showed how much destruction can be done when unsecured IoT devices are exploited, a new threat has emerged that looks to dwarf its predecessor’s wake.

Nicknamed the seemingly non-ominous IoTroop, the massive botnet has already grown larger and at a more rapid pace than Mirai, which in October 2016 caused massive slowdowns throughout the globe as the result of a DDoS attack. Exploiting security flaws in connected devices such as IP cameras, routers and DVRs, Mirai flooded DNS service Dyn with lookup requests, causing outages and slowdowns in sites and services throughout North America and Europe.

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