Author: Ray Johnson

Why Visual Data Science Platforms are Here to Stay

With the continued democratization of data science, the market has responded. Now, there are visual data science platforms for designing and implementing the analytic process flow and advanced analytic solutions. And they’re not going to disappear any time soon. This post takes a look at the background of these platforms and walks you through a

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Data Science: Back to Basics – It’s about being flexible

Learn how the flexible or inflexible characteristics of machine learning or statistical model can impact its performance and predictive capabilities.

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Data Science: Back to Basics – Don’t forget Data Exploration

Data Science is one of the hottest fields today. But as people take on the Data Scientist job title, it appears data exploration has taken a back seat within the data science process. In this blog, let’s break down what data exploration is, and how it is an important step of the data science process.

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A Guide to Using R with Power BI

The integration of Power BI and R has greatly extended Power BI’s capabilities. However, it can be challenging to know the best times to use R. Using R and Power BI within the context of the Power BI service and Power BI desktop does have its limitations, mainly that R output must result in an R graphic object. Therefore, this blog post provides a brief list of guidelines and examples to help determine when to leverage R functionality inside of Power BI.

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Power BI Quick Tips: Associative Filtering

One of the great features of Power BI is associative filtering. This means that when a value is selected in a slicer, all associated elements on the page are automatically filtered. With the latest update to Power BI, slicers can be individually tied to specific objects on the Power BI canvas. Sometimes this behavior is not observed. Learn why that happens and how to deal with it.


Power BI Quick Tips: Visual Filters

This purpose of this article is to provide insights into how to effectively use Power BI graphical elements to filter data and enhance the overall user experience. All examples were developed with the current version of Power BI desktop using the sample AdventureWorks tabular model and a live connection. Everyone is familiar with how to

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6 Winning Strategies Related to Implementing Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is about more than data and models. This video explains how you can help your organization gain a foundation for winning with predictive analytics.

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Top 5 BI Challenges

By addressing these top 5 challenges, you will ensure a good foundation for deployment of your business intelligence solution.

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Power BI, the free version – its implications and opportunities

What does the availability of a free version of Power BI mean for information consumers and when is it appropriate to upgrade to a subscription version of Power BI Pro?



When you hear the words Agile and Business Intelligence (BI) in the same sentence, what comes to mind?  Is it simply applying agile methodologies and concepts to your BI projects or is it something more?  Agile is defined as: “able to move quickly and easily”. It is characterized by being “quick, resourceful and adaptable”.  So what does this mean with respect to BI?  It means quickly responding to constantly changing information and analytic requirements.  It means visualizing data to quickly discern insights and increasing the quality of decisions.  It means having the tools and platforms in addition to appropriate practices in place to enable agility.