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Fashioning a Consumer Identity Matching and Management System

Two women sitting on steps browsing their phones with high-capacity data access.

Infutor Data Solutions provides its clients with accurate and extensive consumer identity information, enabling them to create a powerful, single consumer profile. Marketers and product developers lean on Infutor to help them fill in key consumer data and intelligence to improve customer acquisition, reach, retention, conversions, and ROI. Infutor envisioned an entirely new service and product to offer its clients: a way for them to upload millions of consumer records and, within hours, receive a file containing matched records for targeted marketing campaigns. This new service would fill in the missing pieces of information they need to refine their target audiences.

Infutor sought SPR’s expertise to help bring its visionary concept to life through the development of a High Capacity Batch system or HCB.

Facilitating the Client’s Vision

SPR helped Infutor define its goals by actively engaging the client daily and asking questions about what their vision of the product was, thereby allowing them to narrow their focus and better structure product development. In addition, the SPR team provided knowledge and expertise regarding AWS systems and tooling to assist them in adopting best practices for this project as well as for subsequent use throughout Infutor.

The project was designed to achieve Infutor’s goals by employing AWS tools including Lambda, S3, SSM, Serverless AuroraDB, and the Python AWS SDK to provide ease of resource management as well as highly available and scalable infrastructure. The biggest challenge was building an automated build pipeline from greenfield. Previously, the client was using manually updated CloudFormation templates to change environments. SPR implemented Terraform to allow them to quickly build and destroy environments without requiring manual steps. The team also used HashiCorp Terraform to acquire AWS resources and Jenkins to manage deployment.

Delivering Beyond the Build

Striving to deliver beyond the build for our clients, the HCB project team provided Infutor with significant value beyond just the HCB project. Although technically "out of scope" for the project, the SPR team designed and developed an entire automated infrastructure and CI/CD buildout that Infutor can implement on subsequent endeavors. Previously, infrastructure buildout consisted of many manual steps, resulting in potential errors and delays in spinning up new environments. The system developed by SPR significantly reduces manual steps and will allow Infutor to create new environments in a very short amount of time.

In addition, the SPR team developed an installable "service package" consisting of reusable functions predicated on the AWS Boto3 SDK.

Positive Feedback All the Way Around

The feedback has been positive regarding product performance as well as SPR team cultural fit within Infutor. SPR helped to streamline the client’s deployment pipeline and  helped the client significantly streamline existing technology.

As of project end, the High Capacity Batch product was able to successfully process a file containing 240+ million records in just hours with nearly 100% accuracy – a significant decrease from pre-existing systems.

Technologies Used

  • A blue icon with an arrow pointing down.

    AWS Lambda

    Provides automatic scalability, time to market, and cost transparency
  • A high-capacity stack of paper on a white background.

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

    Provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud
  • A high-capacity blue icon of a stack of data.

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

    Stores and retrieves any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web
  • A high-capacity data cloud with a gear in it.

    Amazon Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent)

    Helps safely manage and operate resources at scale
  • A blue lock with arrows around it, symbolizing the secure transmission of high-capacity data.

    AWS Secrets Manager

    Helps protect access to applications, services, and IT resources
  • A blue cube logo on a white background representing high-capacity data.

    AWS Boto 3

    Provides an easy to use, object-oriented API and low-level direct service access
  • A blue icon with a star on it that represents high-capacity data.

    Serverless Aurora DB

    Starts up, shuts down, and scales automatically based on app's needs
  • A blue pinwheel icon on a white background representing high-capacity data.

    Apache Airflow

    Authors and manages data pipelines
  • A blue pencil icon on a white background.

    HashiCorp Terraform

    Allows infrastructure to be expressed as code in a simple, human readable language


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